Specialized Services for Research & Industrial Isotopes

Edlow International Company manages the procurement and transport of various research and industrial isotopes. Although these special materials are usually packaged in small quantities, certain packages are especially heavy and require special handling to ensure they are shipped in an upright position. Many isotopes have a short half-life, which means timing is often a key concern in planning a shipment. Edlow International understands the requirements of air and ocean carriers and relevant national and international regulations governing the transport of radioactive isotopes.

Edlow International offers services to manage the procurement, packaging, licensing, and transport of isotopes for research and industrial applications. These services include:

  • Tracking price and availability of isotopes for clients, and negotiating purchase contracts;
  • Ensuring that all applicable licenses are obtained, and that approved routes and carriers are selected;
  • Providing door-to-door transport of radioactive isotopes from supplier to end-user;
  • Ensuring integrity of packaging and seals to meet physical health requirements;
  • Monitoring the status of shipments to ensure that cargo is delivered within the required time frame;
  • Arranging for Loss and Damage, War Risk, and nuclear liability insurance.

Specialized Issues
Because shipments of radioactive isotopes often require special handling, Edlow International provides on-site witnessing services during the loading and unloading of packages and material for shipments by all modes. We ensure that specific handling instructions provided by the customer are carefully followed throughout a shipment. At the request of a customer, we can arrange to escort the shipment during transport to provide up-to-the-minute information on location and schedule.

Package Requirements:
Packages used to ship radioactive isotopes have specialized requirements, depending on the type of material being shipped. Edlow International makes arrangements for specialized packages to accommodate the physical requirements of any material while also ensuring that shipments by all modes are in compliance with relevant national and international regulations.

Tritium Services:
Edlow International specializes in the international shipment of tritium and tritiated water used for research, commercial, and industrial applications. In connection with this work, we have managed the largest tritium exports from the U.S. for non-military applications. In addition to working with all major suppliers to ensure safe and timely delivery, our services include package procurement, package design, and import/export licensing activities. Edlow International also closely monitors international fusion energy research programs that utilize large quantities of tritium, including development of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

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